Note to Note Piano Service

David Pinson
Registered Member, Piano Technicians Guild

Phone 913-568-7363

Graduate of nationally recognized piano technology school. Intermediate and advanced training in repairs, regulation, and voicing. Regular attendance at educational meetings and seminars.

Ten Good Reasons for Routine Piano Service
  • Swelling of wood parts with seasonal humidity changes forces pianos out of tune. Bridges, soundboards, and frame absorb water from the air or lose water to the air.

  • Continuous usage, age and wear alter piano regulation.
    What is regulation (click here)?

  • Warranty problems can be identified early and dealt with more effectively.

  • Extended time between tunings necessitates pitch raises. Aging or mildly rusted strings can break with pitch raises.

  • Regular service maintains piano value since records can be shown to prospective buyers. We provide records of service to be kept with the piano.

  • Structual tensions were designed for pitch at A440 Hz.

  • New piano strings stretch, requiring more frequent tunings early in a piano's life. New pianos go out of tune quickly.

  • Young students are more motivated to practice when the piano sounds reasonably like the teacher's instrument.

  • Pianos are dust and stuff magnets. They accumulate dust and cobwebs in the cabinet, on the soundboard, and "things" end up under the keys and in the workings. These can occasionally make noise and interfere with function.

  • Well-cared for pianos are like well-disciplined children...they bring years of beauty and joy. Happiness is a Bach invention on a great piano.

Piano Technicians Guild, Registered Piano Technician